From the Front Lawn to the Infield Lawn

Not a big post today…but a fairly fun one…

Newly aquired infielder Adam Davis is off to a fantastic start with the Marauders.  He hit .300 in 10 June games.  It was just the second month of his career in which he played at least 10 games and hit .300.  He’s played very well. 

One reason why could be that Davis is home for the first time in his pro career.  Davis is a Fort Myers native and a Florida Gator baseball product.  Since 2006 Davis has played in the New York-Penn League, Sally League, Carolina League and Eastern League.  The closest he got to playing at home would have been Savannah and Augusta in 2007 and 2008 while in the South Atlantic League.  Both those stops are in Georgia…so it’s not really that close.












(Photo Courtesy

But this week Davis played in his home town and just north in Fort Myers and Charlotte.  For Tuesday’s game at Hammond Stadium Davis said he left about 20 tickets for friends and family.  About 40 something Davis-ites showed up, including high school coaches and teammates.  He left 16 tickets for Thursday’s game at Charlotte Sports Park.

The funniest part about the story has to be that Davis has been staying at home during the roadtrip.  That in and of itself isn’t funny, but Davis did say it fealt wierd to be at home in the middle of baseball season.  The funny part is what Davis did during the day…he fertilized his front lawn.  Now that’s a full day…and something most baseball players don’t get the chance to do while in season.  Not yet sure if that’s a bad thing….

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About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

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