Leach LaFontaine

So yesterday the Marauders got rained out at Fort Myers.  What’s a radio guy to do while it’s raining, while the tarps on the field, while it looks like there isn’t going to be a game?  Well first I pretend there is going to be a game and fill out my scorebook with tons of useful/less information that may or may not get used on the air (the more effort that goes into finding info the less likely I am to use it I’ve found — should try to change that).  Then I go to the dugout and watch it rain…

So down to the dugout I went, spenidng a couple of minutes with Brian Leach, Mike Colla, Nathan Adcock, Matt McSwain and Jeff Locke.  From this time I learned a few things.  Neither Adcock or Leach is able to flick a cup to the ground with enough spin to make it stand upright…well, I’m sure they can…but in 30-something tries Leach was unsuccessful — Jeff Locke counted.  Adcock, by the way, was also not on his A-game but I’ll just assume at another time they’d both get it done…I think.

Colla then tried to impress the masses with his newly aquired bird-calling talent.  He almost got it…if a bird sounds like wind (or more like somebody blowing air).  It was a solid effort though.  But that’s where Leach comes in.  Brian cupped his hands together and started calling a couple things — Owls, Blue Jays, Geese, Swans, Eagles.  I’ve made up all of those — I have no idea what bird calls sound like — but he could do a few.Don.jpg

So inevitably I asked Leach about his ability to talk to birds during our pregame interview for his next start.  On a seperate note, interviews are taped ahead of time (days in advance for starters sometimes — so for those of you that thought they were live I’m sorry to ruin the fun.  Santa Claus is still real, however).  Turns out that Leach doesn’t just talk to foul (it’s a pun), he does all sorts of voices.  There was actually a time he wanted to be an actor.  So Leach hangs on to his talents by entertaining the clubhouse and keeping the mood light with different acts.  One of those bits happens to be the voice of the late “Movie Preview Guy” Don LaFontaine (right).  When I asked for a sample Leach began the voice by doing one of my favorite comedy routines…’Little Tortilla Boy’ by Pablo Francisco.  If you haven’t heard it…here it is

If you’d like to hear Leach’s LaFontaine impression tune into the On Deck Show tomorrow or check out the Audio Archive after the game (link to the right).

Till next time…



About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

One Response to Leach LaFontaine

  1. myers2005@yahoo.com says:

    He needs to do a Don LaFontaine movie trailer for when he starts a game and runs out to the mound. It’s to bad he doesn’t hit, that would be awesome for his walkout music.

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