Nathan’s and Baseball

This is a fairly unrelated to baseball post…but the 4th of July might be the greatest sports day in the world!

First off, it’s my dad’s birthday…so happy birthday!  He’s a die-hard Phillies phan, so all those in Pirate-land will have to forgive him.

But the best sports day in the year?  Of course.  This day tops Sunday of the Master, the All-Star Game, the World Series, the Lakers beating the Celtics, that three day tennis match…you get the idea.

That’s because July 4th is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest!  I mean does it get any better.  There are a few reasons here…

1. The Television Broadcast

Has anybody stopped to listen to what these guys are saying?  Some of it is just ridiculous.  I mean they treat this thing like it’s an actual big event with a sideline reporter and graphics breaking down the various different performers.  I did that Ben Monson was the MLE (Major League Eating) rookie of the year.  One graphic showed him and Brock Lesnar as great rookie performers.  Now that’s a UFC fight I’d love to see.  Teemu Selanne I think was listed on the graphic too.

2. Major League Eating

This thing actually exists.  I encourage you to check out the website – it’s got world rankings and world records.  The logo is maybe the best thing ever.

mle_logo.gif3. Eater X

Tim Janus is nicknamed ‘Eater X.’  He paints his face like the Ultimate Warrior.  Thusly, he’s awesome.  When I become a pro eater I’m thinking of Doink or The 1-2-3 Eater as my nicknames.  I’m sure WWE will be calling.

4. Controversy

There were two huge issues this year.  First, Crazy Legs Conti was wrapped up in a scandal that said he cheated in a qualifier.  The horror.  I guess he spit some of the hot dogs he had eaten back out.  “Reversal of Fortune” (yes that’s the technical term) is against the rules.

But the Biggy was Takeru Kobayashi.  He’s the unbelievably ripped guy that won the competition like 85 years in a row until American Joey Chestnut came along.  Well he didn’t compete this year due to a contract dispute with MLE.  Yes, a contract dispute.  Apparently the Knicks made an offer and he’s thinking about it (or not).  After his win today, Chestnut called out the former World’s No. 1.  Kobayashi ran on thee stage after and was arrested

5. After you watch the contest you can come out to McKechnie Field and watch baseball and fireworks!  So see you tonight!

Till next time…




About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

One Response to Nathan’s and Baseball

  1. russelw says:

    Chestnut is a monster eater. No one was going to beat him, including Kobayashi. But it did look like the heat got to all the competitors.

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