The Chickwurstburgdog and other Fort Myers Musings…

Some disturbing news at the food stands last night in Fort Myers.  Just before beginning the game, Miracle broadcaster Alex Margulies and myself make the trip down to the concourse to pick up some dinner.  I got chicken — he got a braut.  Other options were a burger or hot dog.  I was then informed that if all four were desired that was a viable option.  It makes sense that I could have any of the four choices laid out before me.  What didn’t make sense is that you don’t order them seperate of each other.  You order them together. 

It’s called the Chickwurstburgdog.

Burgdog.jpgYes, the Chickwurstburgdog.  I’m assuming alternate spellings include Chicwustbergdog, Chikworstburgdogg or Snoop Doggy Dog.  To the left is my artist’s rendering of the beast…

The yellow stuff is cheese.  Yes, there is cheese between each of the layers.  Braut… cheese.. .chicken.. .cheese… burger… you get the idea.

The idea was created by Miracle AGM Kris Koch.  Why is unkown.  Well, I’m sure there is a reason I just don’t know if I want to know it.  I do know this, however.  The sandwhich has ‘Man v. Food’ written all over it.  Are you out there Adam Richman?

The ‘meal’ got me thinking.  I remembered a couple years ago hearing about the Gateway Grizzlies.  They’re an independent team in the midwest with similar stomach-stuffers.  Here’s a few of the good ones…yes there are multiple.



It’s a SUPERPRETZEL coated in buffalo wing sauce and covered in cheese.  IT comes with a side of Pepto…I hope.

It’s a burger with cheese and bacon on a bun.  Sounds normal.  Until you realize the bun is a doughnut.  It’s a Krispy Kreme, btw.

But my favorite heart stopper is a Cape Cod favorite.  The Y-D Red Sox are a summer collegiate team in the nation’s best summer wood bat league.  They also serve the Sinker Burger and the Hurler Burger.  I’m assuming the second one is named for what happens after you eat. 

The Sinker is just a buger on a doughnut.  You have three choices – plain, powder or cinnamon.  The Hurler is on a jelly doughnut and it comes with cheese…EZ-Cheese.

I’ve had the pleasure of eating the Hurler….and I’ve lived to tell the tale.


On a seperate note…the bus ride from Bradenton to Fort Myers took a little bit of extra time yesterday.  The drive should take about 90 minutes.  The bus left at 3:15 so one would guess the Marauders would have been at Hammond Stadium by 4:45.  Nope – 6:15 is a better guess.

There was a horrible accident on 75 that stopped up traffic for just a couple miles.  A flipped over dump truck kept the team bus stalled in Sarasota for a good hour and 45 mintues.  Quincy Latimore was sitting behind me and woke up from his hour nap to realize we hadn’t really even left yet.  I fell asleep for a good half hour and woke up in Siesta Key.  Pretty awesome.

When the bus arrived the parking attendants were already out.  Eric Fryer joked it was going to cost us $3 to park…then corrected himself and said they should charge us $3 per person…we got in free.

It’s not the worst travel snaffoo.  The Pirate’s Low-A affiliate in West Virginia had its bus break down on the first trip of the year.  It went something like this…

Break Spring Training in Bradenton

Bus to West Virginia

Stay Two Days

Bus to Georgia for the Season Opener

Bus Breaks Down 15 Minutes into the Drive

Mechanic Shows Up 90 Minutes Later

Mechanic Can’t Fix Bus

New Bus Called

Team Arrives in Georgia at 3:45 AM

….now that’s minor league baseball.  It tops my personal best.  Two years ago in the Carolina League the Salem Avalanche bus broke down at the team hotel.  We were at Potomac and had no way to get to the park.  Our opponent called some cabs….when that took too long the front office drove to the hotel to get the team, coaches and yes, radio guys.  That one goes in the book…

Till next time…




About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

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