Quincy Latimore, M.V.P.?

Today’s the day postseason all-star ballots are due into the league office.  Every team submits three ballots — one from the manager, scorer and sports writer — and each ballot has a spot for a Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, four pitchers, two relievers, two catchers, one position player at each spot, a DH, two utilities, and three managers/coaches.

My choice for league MVP would be Quincy Latimore, except you cannot vote for your own players.  So I voted for Tampa’s Melky Mesa.  It’s a tough call between the two, so I figured we’d break it down.

Here’s the Diagram:

                          MELKY MESA     l       QUINCY LATIMORE

AVG                   .267                            .262

HR                      19                               17

RBI                     74                               91

SB                      31 of 40                      7 of 8

OBP                   .342                            .320

GMS                   116                             123

ERRORS             4                                 7


Now some rankings fro these guys:


1st: 91 RBI (leads by 16)

2nd: 123 GMS; 208 TB; 48 EXBH

3rd: 17 HR; 30 2B; 78 R; 

4th: 28 AB per HR; 477 AB


1st: 19 HR; 22.6 AB per HR, 49 EXBH, 211 TB

2nd: 79 R, .490 SLG

3rd: 9 3B, 74 RBI

4th: 31 SB

(Each player is among the top four in nine offensive categories)

It’s a fairly close call – so you be the judge – leave us a comment on who you think is the MVP and why.

Another note for Quincy.  He will not break the RBI record for the FSL.  That sits at 140 and was set in the 1940’s.  But….Wuincy is the best run producer at Class A-Advanced for the Pirates in recent memory.  The bad news is that all of the below since 2005 have not advanced beyond AA.  Jordy Mercer will likely buck that trend, and the hope would certainly be the same for Latimore.   

2009: Jordy Mercer – 83

2008: Jared Keel – 81

2007: Brad Corley – 89

2006: Mike Carlin – 74

2005: Pat Magness – 92

(WARNING: Continuing beyond this point means you are a stats nerd…which is okay) 

2004: Brad Eldred – 74

2003: Walter Young – 87

2002: Josh Bonifay – 102

2001: B.J. Barns – 57

2000: J.J Davis – 80

1999: Derrick Lankford – 88

1998: Morgan Walker – 68

1997: Aramis Ramirez – 114

1996: Jose Guillen – 94

1995: Reed Secrist – 75 (no not Ryan Seacrest)

So it looks like Quincy Latinmore will most certainly be a post-season All-Star…if not the MVP.  Now let’s go back to the middle of the season.  Remember, Bradenton scored eight mid-season All-Stars.  Can the team do better in the post-season list?

Here’s the list of candidates…let’s start with those I think would be locks…

Quincy Latimore, Diego Moreno*, Aaron Pribanic, Jeff Locke*

**Moreno and Locke may be hurt by time spent in Double-A, but numbers are numbers.  Both have been very solid.  Locke has 86.1 innings under his belt in the league and left as the FSL leader in wins with nine.

And now those that I think have a solid case…

Nathan Adcock

He’s 10-7 with a 3.40 ERA (8th best in the league).  He’s also a midseason All-Star.  The only reason I don’t have him as a lock is that he did struggle a bit in July and may have fallen off some voter radars.

Eric Fryer

 He’ll be hurt by the fact that he missed July.  But let’s be honest.  The guy is hitting well over .400 since returning off the DL at the end of that month.  That’s not a small sample size.  He’s hitting over .400 over a span of 17 games.  The rush has pushed his avergae to .298. He also has eight homers.  He’s got a really good shot.  I marked down Daytona’s Michael Brenly and Dunedin’s Travis d’Arnaud on my ballot.  Fryer has player in more games then the later and 16 less then Brenly.

Calvin Anderson

It’s hard for Calvin.  Rebel Ridling has this spot pretty much locked up.  Daytona’s corner man is hitting .291 with 12HR and 69 RBI.  Calvin has an average in the .260 range with 10HR and 66 RBI.  The numbers aren’t that far off, so we’ll see.

Noah Krol

He was a midseason All-Star and leads the league in saves.  His 31 saves are seven off a league record last set in 1998 by New York Met R.A. Dickey.  He didn’t throw a knuckleball back then.  His high ERA might hurt him (3.34).  Now, that’s not a high ERA, but for a closer it could be considered that way – especially because Charlotte’s Zachary Quate’s is 1.38.  David Carpenter has a 2.36 ERA but is no longer in the league after being traded to Houston.

That adds up to eight All-Stars, but we’ll have to see how the Marauders do in the voting.  One thing that does hurt Bradenton is that All-Star locks Brock Holt, Tony, Sanchez, Jeremy Farrell and Starling Marte are all either on the DL, or spent too much time on the DL.

Your turn.  You decide….

Till next time,




About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

3 Responses to Quincy Latimore, M.V.P.?

  1. twmccann17@yahoo.com says:

    Do you see all eight of those guys mentioned above moving on to Altoona next season?

  2. Joel Godett says:


    It’s an interesting question – and I’m not usually one to guess at promotions – but here’s my best shot.

    First off – Jeff Locke will at least be in Altoona next year because he’s already there and doing well. I’d imagine Diego will be there as well being that he’s already gotten a taste of it.

    In terms of age, Nathan Adcock and Noah Krol you would think will be promoted, a) because they’ve earned it and b) because this is Adcock’s second year at A+ and Krol is 26. While both have hit rough patches at times, both have been reliable and Wally Whitehurst has already told me he thinks Noah has pitched well enough to move up at some point. Then again – promotions have a lot included – not just individual performance but also considerations about where there’s room to move a guy etc.

    I would be surprised if guys like Aaron Pribanic and Quincy are back next year being that they’ve put up such huge numbers. I think Calvin and Fry have earned spots next year too.

    All of this being said – a lot depends on other guys in the system both in front and behind in the pecking order. It also depends big time on how guys perform in the offseason instructional leagues, winter leagues and spring training.

    Really, anything is possible. Hope this helps.

  3. cafaanes@yahoo.com says:

    Regarding who will be going to Altoona/Indianapolis/Pittsburgh next year and who won’t I’d like to add my two cents.

    After watching all but about 5 home games this year, I will be shocked if the entire starting outfield of Quincy, Starling Marte, and Robbie Gorssman is back next year. Starling was hurt by being on the DL so long but look at what he’s doing now…currently batting .326 – the best of any of the regular players. Quincy is a no-brainer and his departure next year will hurt us…but thats how the game is played. Robbie is a consistent hitter and excellent glove man with a laser sharp arm on throws to the plate. He has earned the privilege of being higher up the food chain.

    It is so unfortunate that Jeremy Ferrell was hurt and missed so much time. Still I think he will be at least in Altoona next year. Same holds for Brock Holt who, had he not torn his meniscus in June, would have been in Altoona by now.

    Regarding Calvin…I’m not so sure. When he hits the ball its quite often gone – like the night he put one over the scoreboard , over the building beyond the scoreboard, and it ended up crashing into a bus in the parking lot beyond. However its a matter of when he hits one. Calvin seems to freeze when he gets behind on a count and its almost like clockwork that he strikes out on a 0-2 or 1-2 count. Calvin needs to keep working on fixing that. I keep yelling at him to “Don’t think – hit” because I have a feeling he’s thinking too much about the situation and not enough about where the ball is when he’s batting.

    As far as pitchers are concerned I think you nailed it with Nathan and Noah moving up.

    So in my rosy scenario I see 7 of our guys higher up the food chain next year – Quincy Latimore, Starling Marte, Robbie Grossman in the outfield; Jeremy Ferrell and Brock Holt in the infield; Nathan and Noah on the mound. It would be most fitting for us to win the FSL Championship this year as a fond farewell to these great kids who will be moving up and on next year.

    That’s my two cents worth.

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