Who’s Afraid of the Dark…

Field-of-Screams-Haunted-Tales-from-the-Baseball-Diamond-the-Locker-Room-and-Beyond.jpgAs many readers know, we have an email that anybody can use to get in touch with us on the Marauders broadcast (Feel free to fire away at
MaraudersRadio@pirates.com by the way).  It’s always fun to hear from fans and players relatives and the like.  One of the other neat things is the information you can sometimes stumble upon through the open inbox.

I received an email last week from an author named Dan Gordon.  He just released a new book titled Field of Screams: Haunted Tales from the Baseball Diamond.  The email was 11 pages when I printed it out and it was full of some interesting stuff.  There are details about all sorts of ghostly encounters in baseball with several involving Pirates players.

So that being said, it’s time to assemble the Midnight Society and dive into some ghost stories.  Everybody has their favorites.  My story of choice is the haunted practice cabin at New England Music Camp in Maine.  That one always got me as a kid.  But to be honest, one in this book is giving it a run for its money in the top spot.  There’s something going on in Scranton, PA – and it’s not just “that’s what she said” jokes by Steve Carrell at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. 

If you’re not one to believe in ghost stories or just think it’s all a crock to sell books, I can assure you some of this stuff is legit.  One of the larger excerpts I received was about the Radisson Lackawana Hotel in Scranton. 
Working with the Buffalo Bisons last year gave me the chance to stay at said hotel.  There are ghost stories – all sorts of things – creepy things.  Mets infielder Nick Evans talked about seeing a young boy running down the hall in a trench coat.  The boy then stopped, looked back and turned its head 360 degrees.  I also was told about finely dressed hotel employees coming by rooms to ask how one’s stay was going.  Weirded-out players called the front desk to report the occurrences only to find that no such employees exist at the hotel.  This new book also details odd mechanical issues (TV’s and lights going on and off) as well as players having woken up next to ghosts.

So with that being said we turn our attention to Pirate City.  This is odd because I’m sitting in PC as I’m writing this…but the new PC, not the old one – so I think we’re okay.


Roberto Clemente stayed in room 232 while with the Pirates.  It was a corner suite.  Bronson Arroyo is interviewed in the book about his stay in the room.  The pitcher details the picture of Clemente who’s eyes seemed to follow you around. 

“Nobody will stay in that room,” PC equipment manager Pat Hagerty is quoted as saying.  “None of the Latin kids, for sure.  Because they are scared of the ghosts-honestly.”

“I remember when I got traded over from Toronto,” said Abraham Nunez – a former Pirate and teammate of Jordan Newton with the New Jersey Jackals.  “One of the first things the guys told me was, ‘Listen, if they put you in Clemente’s room, don’t take it because everybody says there are ghosts.'”

There are also stories of ghosts appearing.  Just FYI, women are not allowed back in Pirate City.  So it would certainly be a shock when a player sees one in his mirror.

“There’s no doubt I saw her,” said reliever Jeff Bennett.  “There are several people who have seen things like that there.”

“I see a long dark-haired, dark-skinned woman,” said infielder Bruce Pelfrey.  “I look back and nobody is there.  I go look out the door and nobody is there.”

But don’t necessarily believe everything you hear.  Aramis Ramirez said he once stayed in room 232 for a month and a half and had no issues (at least that’s what the ghosts told him to say…).

The book also goes into detail of ghosts in Tampa at George M. Steinbrenner Field and the story of a disappearing fly ball at a Florida state League game in 1974.  It was a game between the Key West Conch and St. Petersburg Cardinals.  A pop-up went up and never came down.  It was ruled a homerun. 

Current Pirate Delwyn Young also makes an appearance in the book.  He’s quoted talking about the ghosts that haunt Dodger Stadium – especially  the batting cages. 

If you want more info about the book it looks like it might be a good read…Fieldofscreamsonline.com is its website.  Thanks to Dan Gordon for the stories and the spooks!

Till next time,





About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

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