Catchers, Masks and Your Turn to Get Involved…

A few things here…but first things first…

A good friend of mine is the broadcaster for the Syracuse Chiefs in the International League.  On his blog there are a couple of interesting ideas — the first is IL Man v. Food and the second is Rate that IL Hotel.  Wanted to add something of that nature on here.  Rate that FSL Hotel is out because, well, there aren’t many.  Most trips are day trips.  Man v. Food could work, but I’m not really up for a Chickwurstburgdog (see a few entries back).

So it’s your turn as Marauders fans…we gotta figure out something here for the FSL. 

Some ideas….

·         Marauders Punk’d (would require work, but see Kyle Kendrick)

·         Marauders Idol (anybody got a karaoke machine?)

·         Marauders Got Talent?

·         Top Chef – Marauder’s Edition

·         Dream Job…but I like my job…wouldn’t want somebody to take it

·         Marauders Top Model?

Drops some comments below or email me at and let me know if you have any ideas…

Now down to business…Caught up with Eric Fryer today.  The Marauders catcher was struck in the face by a pitch Thursday at Charlotte. 
Knuckleball.jpgHe’s looking better and he was in good spirits.  The swelling in his face seemed to have gone down a bit too.  If you caught him from the right you’d never know he’d been hit.  He does bare one striking scar, though.  Just below his eye you can still very distinctly see where the seems of the baseball hit.  It kind of gives him an Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz look (right).  For those non-wrestling fans, Abe Schwartz went on to become the more famous Brooklyn Brawler.

Fryer’s immediate future is still uncertain.  He told me he still was going to see another doctor as early as Tuesday.  So best wishes go out to Fryer.

I did joke with Eric on whether or not he would be able to play with a fractured face.  I then told him about Dave Parker with the Pirates from 1978.  Check out the full story from ESPN’s UniWatch.

Here are the Cliff’s Notes:

Parker fractured his jaw in 1978 during a home plate collision.  Parker was on his way to an MVP season and didn’t want to miss any time.  So he and trainer Tony Bartirome devised a plan: Parker would play with a mask.  But what kind of mask?  This type of thing was unprecedented in baseball.  The first idea was supposedly a plastic mask like Rick Hamilton wears for the Detroit Pistons.  Parker didn’t like the feel of it though and how it inhibited his view…so it was out.  What originally got settled on was something straight out of a horror movie (although Friday the 13th was not yet produced).

Jason.jpgThat look was soon ditched.  Parker went to a football facemask and finally shed the headgear in 1979.  The article says that Parker is believed to be the first MLB player to wear a facemask in a game.  Fryer did say he would probably end up with some sort of contraption when he does return to the lineup.  You would imagine Tony Sanchez might do the same (haven’t gotten a chance to pick his brain yet.

On the note of Tony…did bump into him at Pirate City a few days back.  He was drinking his lunch in the dinning hall.  His jaw is indeed wired shut and not just wired shut, but Fort Knox wired shut.

This spring I had the opportunity to call games for the USF Bulls.  The team’s star shortstop Sam Mende broke his jaw March 13 when he was struck in the face by a pitch against Eastern Illinois (oddly enough that’s where Erik Huber went to school).  Mende’s jaw was wired shut by putting just a few brackets on his left side and a few on his right side and then wiring them down.  Tony appeared to have a full rack…something straight out of Ugly Betty.

On the note of Mende by the way — Sam actually played with his jaw wired shut.  He missed only six games.  Had the chance to follow him around when he got his jaw un-wired shut and you can see that video here…It follows Sam to the doctor and to one of his first meals after being able to open up.  It should give you a feel of what Tony may be going through.  We’ll try to get Tony on here in the next few weeks.

Till next time…





About Joel Godett
Joel Godett is in his secod year broadcasting Bradenton Marauders baseball. His career has carried him from Syracuse to Buffalo, Roanoke, Cape Cod, Tampa and Bradenton. He is originally from New Jersey and somehow grew up an Atlanta Braves fan.

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